How to use IB Excel API and Amibroker to Place Multiple Orders

Since introducing the mean-reversion strategy templates to the Flagship Trading Course I have had a number of members get in touch with me wanting to know how best to enter orders when multiple signals are produced on any given day.

The following video will help by explaining how to download and then connect the Excel API provided by Interactive Brokers to your trader work station.

Once you have connected the Excel API to your TWS, you’re able to customise the short-term pattern explorations for Amibroker in such a way as to allow you to simply run the explorer, copy and paste the output to Excel, and then click the “Place Order” button.

Please note that before attempting to automate orders with real money it is highly recommended that you connect the Excel API to a paper trading account.

This will ensure that you familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of automating tasks that you would otherwise do manually, and hopefully prevent you from inadvertently placing an order to short a 100,000 shares of NVDA!

For quick instructions of how to get started, please watch the following video (please select the highest resolution for best quality):

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