The Honest Guide To Stock Trading - Downloading Historical Price Data From

In this video you will learn how to transfer historical price data from Yahoo to Excel. Also included is a excel add-in that will enable you to download the historical price data for multiple ticker symbols in a single click. Follow the set-up instructions in the video to save hours of work when creating your correlation matrices.


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  • Pedro Ramirez

    Reply Reply December 18, 2014

    Hello Mr Llewelyn:
    My name is Pedro Ramirez and I want to Thank you for such a great work you have done. I am trying to download the Historical Price Data from Yahoo and I am having problem. I don’t Know If the problem is that it is in xls format and I have Excel 2013 which is xlsx format. I don’t know if that is the problem and want to know if you had this problem before. Thanks for your attention and looking forward for your recommendation.


  • Llewelyn

    Reply Reply December 18, 2014

    Hi Pedro,

    I’m sorry that you are having issues with the addin. As for the format, as far as I know it should work fine with Excel 2013. Nobody else has mentioned any issues to me.

    I’d love to help further but most of the excel tasks that I require are outsourced these days… so I am getting a little rusty!

    One thing to do might be to download the addin form the original source. Perhaps also read the installation guide (if you haven’t already). There are other posts made by people who are having issues, as well as some fixes…

    Perhaps trying a different addin might be a solution if that fails. I haven’t used them myself but a google search will present such pages as…

    I hope that you are able to get it to work…Let me know.

    All the best,


  • Laurent De Prez

    Reply Reply November 4, 2015

    Hi Llelewyn,
    Hi Fellow BacktestWizard-adepts,

    This is not a comment but a request for help.

    More specifically about using the Excel file “Yahoo Price Data Excel Add-In” on an iMac computer.
    When I try to open this file on a Mac (with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac), this message appears: “Compile error in hidden module: Yahoo Download History”.
    From minute 5’54” in the video, I can not go any further.

    I suspect that there are readers among the visitors of Llelewyn’s site that work on Mac computers.
    And who may have the above-mentioned problems and who have resolved them.
    It would be wonderful if they place their solution on this forum.

    Also links to sites on the Internet where a solution can be found, are welcome.
    In any case, sadly, the “Bulk Stock Quote Downloader” from Samir Khan on can not be used on a Mac. Certainly not before having re-written the programming code.

    Let’s hope that there is a solution. What can be very time-saving, so says Llelewyn in his video.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regard,

  • Nicola Di Genova

    Reply Reply June 27, 2017

    Hi Llelewyn,

    It seems this addin is not working anymore. Is there any solution ?, because also the correlation matrix file is not working.

    Kind regards.


    • Llewelyn James

      Reply Reply June 27, 2017

      Hi Nicola,

      Yahoo Finance have recently discontinued their free historical data API so while I build a new spreadsheet (probably using Google Finance data), you are welcome to email me if you’d like the formula that I use for creating a correlation matrix with Amibroker.

      Kind regards,


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