The Honest Guide To Stock Trading - Setting Up Your Fundamental Screening Tool

In this video you will learn how to set-up a variety of fundamental stock screens using The video will show you how to create and save 5 separate screens which can be used to build watch-lists of stocks that are possible trading candidates.

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  • Tom Warneke

    Reply Reply May 20, 2015

    Hi Llewelyn,

    Excellent FinViz screener introduction video. Very helpful.

    Best regards,

    • Llewelyn

      Reply Reply May 20, 2015

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks. I’m glad that you found it informative.



  • Charles

    Reply Reply October 28, 2015

    Hi Llewelyn,

    If buying your book didn’t help me enough to get started, your videos are definitely helping me get ready to start trading. I have only dabbled in the past; but I am now a disabled U.S. veteran living on a pension and at 44 years old, I still want to feel more of an equal to my wife than a responsibility when it comes to income. I want to be sure to start trading the right way though. That is why I have been reading so many books. The more books that I read although, the more unsure I become. Yours has given me the confidence to believe in myself. My plans are now to study a little more, build a watch list and to start trading when the new year begins (Jan 2016). Thank you for the advice and encouragement!


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