The Honest Guide To Stock Trading - Creating And Saving A List Of Globally Diverse ETFs.

In this video you will discover each of the ETFs that I trade to keep a truly diverse portfolio of assets. I will also explain how to create your own lists that will include the ETF charts and any open positions that you currently have. Following the steps in this video will make your trade management a hassle free process.


  • A List Of ETFs That Can Be Used As Part Of A Diverse Portfolio
    A List Of ETFs That Can Be Used As Part Of A Diverse Portfolio

    This document contains a list of ETFs and their respective ticker symbols that you can use to create a watch-list of diverse asset classes in
    This ETF list also shows you each of the ticker symbols needed to create the diverse correlation matrix from The Honest Guide To Stock Trading.

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  • Mark

    Reply Reply September 20, 2014

    Hi Llewelyn,
    I’m having a problem with prorealtime lists, I spend ages creating one however once I logout it wipes it, on login it’s gone.
    I’ve watched your video and read prorealtime’s manual, there’s no indication on how to save one’s list.
    I’ve tried resaving the template I’m using but to no avail, Any clues?


    • Llewelyn

      Reply Reply September 21, 2014

      Hi Mark,

      In the ProRealtime toolbar which is usually located at the top left of your screen, (You have the options ‘file’ ‘display’ ‘trading’ ‘objects’ ‘templates’ ‘options’ ‘help’)

      Press file, then press save. An alternative is to press ctrl+s at any time. You will know if it has worked because a box should appear in the middle of your screen which says ‘saving data’.

      I hope this works. I remember when I first starting using ProRealTime how bloody frustrating it was if I forgot to save!!

      • Mark

        Reply Reply September 24, 2014

        Thanks Llewelyn

        I appreciate your help.

  • Mark

    Reply Reply September 30, 2014

    Hi Llewelyn
    A couple of questions concerning the ETFs.

    First, at present most of them have a volume under 200,000, so I take it the rule of not trading liquidity under 200,000 still applies to ETFs?

    The second question is, Is ETF trading just for the daily countertrend and not the daily breakout strategy?



    • Llewelyn

      Reply Reply September 30, 2014

      Hi Mark,

      The volume filter is not cast in stone. There are multiple nuances, one of the most important being the diversification of your portfolio.

      For example, if I was long 9 stocks and a signal presented itself in a Fixed Income ETF, even if the ETF volume was on the low side of the filter, I’d want to add that ETF to my portolio for the added diversification.

      As I always stress….the rules in my books are there to be modified and tested by the reader.

      You can trade the ETFs both counter-trend and with trend. The one caveat being that when trading counter-trend, you want more liquidity.

      That’s because of the drag on performance that slippage can have.

      The following numbers are not necessarily accurate, but I hope that they illustrate the point clearly:

      Suppose that your counter-trend strategy made an average gain of $200 per trade. If you trade an ETF with low volume, you might incur slippage of $20. That’s 10% of your profits gone to slippage.

      If you trade the same ETF but with with a breakout strategy, you might expect $800 profit per trade. Now, the slippage of $20 is only 2.5% of your profits.

      In other words, the shorter-term your strategy is and the nearer your price targets, the more liquidity you would preferably want.

      Hope that helps,


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