Final Thanksgiving Day Portfolio Performance Report

On Thanksgiving day 2015 I published an article which suggested that certain equity market sectors performed better than others between Thanksgiving day and the end of the first trading day of the following year.

I was curious to see whether the sectors which have produced historically strong gains during the same 5 week period of the past 15 years, continued to show strong performance this year.

Rather than simply monitoring a portfolio of the strongest sector ETFs, I thought it would be more interesting to look at each sector individually and select the strongest stock from the 7 strongest sectors.

Each of these stocks was equally weighted in a demo portfolio and for the past 5 weeks I have monitored how this portfolio performed versus the market.

Here are the final results (27/11/2015 – 04/01/2016) of the Thanksgiving day portfolio, followed by the Sector ETF portfolio, and finally the Benchmark (SPY):

Thanksgiving Day Portfolio Performance Report

05-01-2016 14-17-40

7 Seasonally Strongest ETFs Portfolio Performance Report

05-01-2016 14-20-58

Benchmark (SPY) Performance Report

05-01-2016 14-19-09

As you can see, the Thanksgiving day portfolio significantly underperformed the benchmark. Further, the Thanksgiving day portfolio also underperformed the ETF portfolio, which in turn also underperformed the benchmark.

In short, the historical tendency for certain sectors to outperform the market during the 5 week period between Thanksgiving day and the start of the new year did not persist in 2015.


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