The Elder Impulse System Amibroker

In this article I share the Amibroker formula for the Elder Impulse System Charts and I have also included a video tutorial explaining how to structure a trade using the impulse system.

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Create a Composite Ticker Using Amibroker

One of the more common questions that I get asked by members of my trading course is “How do I create a composite ticker for S&P500 stocks?”.

In this article I’ll explain.

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How to use IB Excel API and Amibroker to Place Multiple Orders

A Quick Tutorial which shows how to place multiple entry orders at the click of a button.

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Can I See an Equity Curve Please?

Asking to see a typical equity curve produced by a strategy can help you to avoid being duped by raw performance metrics.

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Testing Different Momentum Rules

In this article I will test a variety of different momentum indicators which can be used to build a long only equity portfolio which has historically outperformed the market.

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Amibroker Lesson…The IIF function

If you’re an Amibroker user with no programming background or knowledge, you might be a little confused by the IIF function.

In this article I hope to resolve any confusion and illustrate to you how useful the IIF function can be when developing your strategy.

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What I’ve been reading…

Was 2015 a hard year to make money if you were managing a portfolio of global asset classes? Absolutely!

The Resolve Asset Management 2015 Annual Letter: “Navigating Active Asset Allocation When Diversification Fails”, helps to explain why.

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Correlation Indicator for Amibroker

In this article I share the Amibroker formula for a Correlation Indicator. I also explain how to use the Correlation Indicator to determine how correlated different strategies are to one another.

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The Internal Bar Strength Indicator

In this article I test the Internal Bar Strength Indicator on the QQQ etf and I show that combining a mean-reversion strategy with a trend-following strategy is a useful method for improving risk adjusted portfolio returns

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Testing the Cumulative RSI(2) on Index ETFs

In this article I test the cumulative RSI(2) on the 4 major equity index ETFs.

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