Mechanical Trend Following System vs Analyst Recommendations

blackberry plummets

I was at a party the other day and I happened to be discussing the markets with a man who had spent 20 years working as an IT guy for a trading firm no less. Once people find out I am a trader I will invariably get asked what I think the markets are going…

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What do prop trading firms do?

A Tired Prop Trader asleep at the desk

I always thought that a job at a Prop Trading Firm was exactly what I wanted. It turns out that I thought wrong. My grandmother used to take my brother and I to the local amusements arcade as young children. A place where you could either shoot terrorists through the scope of a sniper rifle,…

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Don’t be a Naive Technical Analyst

Naive Technical Analyst; Someone who believes that learning predictive technical analysis will help them get employment as a trader. Read why it won’t. I started trading in my early 20’s. It was exciting. It was interesting. It was what I was always going to do. Except I kept losing. Let me put it this way…every-time…

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