Weekly Stocks Watchlist – 03/11/13

Welcome to our stocks watchlist. This is where you will find an updated watchlist of stocks that have passed either our weak or strong fundamentals screener. For a stock to be on one of our lists they must also be from the strongest/weakest performing sectors depending on if they are intended to be bought/sold. Our…

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Weekly Stock Sector Analysis – 28/10/13

This week I have improved how the weekly stock sector analysis is delivered. As well as producing a video I think it’s more useful to also share the actual stocks that populate our watch-list each week too. Our trading methods include both fundamental and technical analysis. Each week I will publish a watchlist of stocks…

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Free Trade Alerts Stock Portfolio Update – 25/10/13

backtestwizard open positions of theor free trade alerts portfolio

It hasn’t been a great week for our free trade alerts subscribers in terms of banked money because we have only closed a losing trade. The good news is that our open positions are doing nicely. The real killer of the weeks losing trade was that it was in $UCO which gapped lower than our…

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Weekly Stock Sector Analysis – 21/10/13

There won’t be a video this week because it feels too much like more of the same! We remain long equities and long a number of commodity ETFs. If hard pressed to pick a specific sector to trade it would be Technology. Stock sector analysis shows wide participation Looking at the individual stock sectors we…

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Free Trade Alerts Portfolio Update – 18/10/13

A picture of a winning trade taken from our free trade alerts portfolio

Free Trade Alerts Portfolio Update It has been another good week for our free trade alerts portfolio and it’s been great to hear from my happy and profitable subscribers. If you watched my stock sector analysis at the beginning of the week you’d know that I wasn’t going to let the news headlines about the…

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Free Stock Screening Tools – Criterias For Success

It wasn’t long ago that in order to analyse the fundamental information regarding a particular stock you would have to painstakingly research each individual stock by hand. Annual reports with more than 100 pages would contain all of the information you needed, but finding it would take you longer than a trip to the Moon!…

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Weekly Stock Sector Analysis – 14/10/13

Welcome to another instalment of Backtestwizards Weekly Stock Sector Analysis. This weeks video highlights the benefit of minimising risk and how you can do so by entering the Forex markets. We are still bullish on equities but we do take a technical look at some of the broader market indices to highlight the levels that…

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Live Trades Update and YTD Performance 11/10/13

Welcome to another round-up of all the LIVE trades that we have called on this site or Twitter. Trading advice should be 100% transparent and these updates aim to give you the full account of how the BacktestWizard live trade alerts are performing. Remember that each of these trades has been called live and before…

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Weekly Stock Sector Analysis – 07/10/13

A stock Chart $QCOR with BUY, Stop-loss and Profit targets

It’s that time of week again where we share our weekly stock sector analysis video with you. The basic themes haven’t changed much from last week…We want to be buyers of Biotech, Materials and Aerospace and defence. We want to be sellers of Financial stocks and Real estate stocks. The video also runs through our…

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Trading Plan Template

Backtestwizard trading plan template article header

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail. Create A Trading Plan Today!   Having a trading plan is one of the easiest steps that you can take to improve the profitability and consistency of your trading but yet there are numerous traders who have never taken the time to write one down. If you take…

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