Market Snapshot 20-11-2015

Use the following table for a quick measure of the markets over a variety of time-frames.

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20-11-2015 13-39-56

43% of of Russell3000 stocks are trading above their 200 day MA. This is 3% more than a couple of days ago.

The most over-bought ETF which also has a negative volume profile is XLI.

The most over-sold ETF which also has a positive volume profile is UUP.


The strongest equity market sector during the past Qtr is Technology (+11%). The weakest sector is Utilities (-3%).

20-11-2015 13-52-32

The following stocks each belong to the Technology sector, have a positive volume profile, and are showing relative strength against the market.

20-11-2015 13-54-41

The following stocks each belong to the Utilities sector, have a negative volume profile, and are showing relative weakness against the market.

20-11-2015 13-57-57

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