Market Snapshot 14-09-2015

Use the following table for a quick measure of the markets over a variety of different time-frames.

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The SPY remains bearish across the long-term and medium-term time-frames.

The percentage of Russell3000 stocks which are trading above their 200 day MA is 34%. This is a 4% gain from last week but is still at an historically low value.

Although there was a small degree of strength last week, it was not supported by strong volume.

This leads me to believe that unless you are a value investor with a long-term investment horizon, the market is still not worth getting excited about.

With that said, if you’re absolutely determined to weed out some buying opportunities, KR is a stock which might interest you.

The company recently beat earnings estimates, as well as raising future guidance for both earnings and revenue. Although the stock popped by more than 5% on Friday, the price is still below the fair-value price target of $42.00.

Not that you need reminding, but the Fed makes one of the most hotly anticipated interest rate decisions in a long time this Thursday. The subsequent market movements will likely provide me with more to write about next week.

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