Free Trade Alerts Portfolio Update – 18/10/13

A picture of a winning trade taken from our free trade alerts portfolio

Free Trade Alerts Portfolio Update

It has been another good week for our free trade alerts portfolio and it’s been great to hear from my happy and profitable subscribers. If you watched my stock sector analysis at the beginning of the week you’d know that I wasn’t going to let the news headlines about the U.S debt ceiling change my bullish stance on this market. If you’ve read Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator you will know why I keep stressing that this is a bull market!

Never forget the words of the wise old man Mr Partridge…’My dear boy, if I sold that stock now I’d lose my position; and then where would I be?’

If the market is going up why would the news encourage you to sell? As we say in Britain, ‘What’s Washington got to do with the price of fish!?’ I know too many people who are always looking for a reason to justify buying a gold bar or an aisles worth of canned food. If the markets can’t go down, even in the face of such relentless scaremongering and ticking time bomb clocks on the financial news networks, the bull really does have wings!

Funnily enough, as long as the Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party remains in congress, the uncertainty regarding future debt ceiling deadlines will be so frequent that it will end up causing the markets more confusion if there wasn’t a row about it.

With that in mind I’ve kept our long positions working and am happily trailing the stops behind each new high. If you’ve been looking for access to free trade alerts with a proven edge just sign up here.

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