Realistic Rate of Return for a Trading Strategy

I often get asked by friends how much money I’d be able to make for them if they gave me $20,000. When I tell them that I’d hope to make about $3500 per year they often look rather disappointed. I hope that this article explains why they shouldn’t be. Beginner traders have unrealistic expectations Having…

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Why Now Is a Better Time Than Ever to Become a Trader

Technological advancements have made it possible that anybody can become a Trader. The playing field, once bossed by the guy who knew the right broker, has truly been levelled. But is that a good thing? How technology has made it easier for you to become a trader The first reason that trading is more accessible…

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A Rounding Bottom Chart Pattern – Long (LACO)

Another Trade Alert. This time it is a longer term play on a Sub $5.00 stock Ticker Symbol (LACO).  The stock has been flagged up by our Mechanical Trend Following Strategy Screener. It is also on the verge of breaking from a rounding bottom Formation. If you’re asking yourself, ‘what is a rounding bottom’? I’ll…

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Trend Following Strategy Long – (MGAM)

A very quick Post. Because we have taken profits on our (Pran) position our equity portfolio has room for another long. We ran our Trend Following Strategy screener and found Multimedia Games Holding Co (MGAM). The fundamental analysis screen ticked all the right boxes too, (ROE over 15%), (Altman z-score High), (Net Profit margin +10%)…

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Trend Following Equity Portfolio Returns – Aug13

This is the first full month that our Free Trend Following Equity Portfolio will have been live on this site. Check back here every month for updated performance figures and charts. The aim of our Monthly performance analysis is to highlight the benefits of following a simple mechanical trend following trading strategy. I also want…

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Proof that your exit Strategy is more important than your entry.

When I started to trade I signed up for every free strategy, e-book and system I could get my hands on. Some of the information was incredibly helpful, some of the information was too boring or long-winded to read, and some of the information could actually be damaging and/or dishonourable! Show me the statistical proof…

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Mechanical Trend Following System vs Analyst Recommendations

blackberry plummets

I was at a party the other day and I happened to be discussing the markets with a man who had spent 20 years working as an IT guy for a trading firm no less. Once people find out I am a trader I will invariably get asked what I think the markets are going…

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What do prop trading firms do?

A Tired Prop Trader asleep at the desk

I always thought that a job at a Prop Trading Firm was exactly what I wanted. It turns out that I thought wrong. My grandmother used to take my brother and I to the local amusements arcade as young children. A place where you could either shoot terrorists through the scope of a sniper rifle,…

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Don’t be a Naive Technical Analyst

Naive Technical Analyst; Someone who believes that learning predictive technical analysis will help them get employment as a trader. Read why it won’t. I started trading in my early 20’s. It was exciting. It was interesting. It was what I was always going to do. Except I kept losing. Let me put it this way…every-time…

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